Keri E. McCarthy, Oboe and English Horn
Assistant Professor of Oboe, Washington State University

College Music Society National Conference 2009
Portland, OR

Come to the College Music Society's National Conference in Portland, October 22-25 to hear Keri perform works from Southeast Asia.

On Friday, October 23, at 1pm Keri will perform Dr. Nguyen Phuc Linh's Romance for oboe and piano with Dr. Jeffrey Savage.

On Saturday, October 23 at 8:30am Keri will perform Yii Kah Hoe's Gongan for oboe and piano and give the world premiere performance of Dr. Weerachat Premenanda's Rhythmic Flowers for oboe, violin, cello, and piano with Drs. Meredith Arksey (violin), Ruth Boden (cello), and Jeffery Savage (piano).

Visit the link below for further details:

CMS National Conference 2009